About us

Please allow me to introduce our family business, which was established 12 years ago and produces fishing products which are based on my 45-year-long fishing experience. The „Fish X-3” fishing bags, backpacks, keepnet bags are made of good quality waterproof material which does not break even at - 20 C°. Every product is handmade.

To ensure a long lifetime we do not use plastic buckles for the shoulder-straps moreover the partition is made of incredibly hard-wearing thick tent material. (Whereas in other, poor-quality products this is usually made of paper-based lining or weak leatherette). At a moderate price, directly from the producer we can satisfy your demands continuously (this year without VAT). Our variety of products is constantly growing and occasionally we undertake special requests as well.

New this year, that over a certain number of orders we offer to print special logos on our products without extra cost.

Practiacal - long-lasting - smart ideas

fish-x horgászfelszerlés There are only metal buckles on the shoulder- straps to make it last.
fish-x horgászfelszerlés the partition is made of incredibly hard-wearing thick tent material and with two points two fix the rods.
fish-x horgászfelszerlés The zips runs both ways

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Kiss Gyula , Kiss Gyuláné
7200 Dombóvár, Pipacs utca 2.
e-mail: fish-x@vipmail.hu